086, Christopher Gray, Scholly | Student Loan Debt Slayer
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086, Christopher Gray, Scholly | Student Loan Debt Slayer
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Student loan debt in the US is over $1.3 billion. You can watch the student loan debt grow in real time here. And it’s no wonder. Over 70% of students in the US take on debt to pay for education. At the same time, over $100 million in private aid (scholarships) go unclaimed on an annual basis.

This is why Christopher Gray cofounded Scholly. If you have heard Christopher’s name before, it would not be surprising. He is well known for having been awarded $1.3 million in scholarships, a feat that took him 7 months of hard work. You might also remember the disagreement his pitch caused among the “sharks” on the television show Shark Tank.

Scholly is the simple, comprehensive and accurate scholarship matching platform that has helped students win over $35 million in scholarship awards. In less than two minutes, you can input your data and be instantly matched with scholarship opportunities.

Social Entrepreneurship Quotes from Christopher Gray

“Scholly is a mobile and web app that makes it simple for high school students and current college students to find scholarships for college.”

“Rather than students taking months looking for scholarships, we turn that process into minutes.”

“It took me 7 moths just to find the scholarships I wanted to apply for.”

“It takes 2 minutes to input 8 parameters and instantly you’re matched with scholarship opportunities.”

“We were getting like 9,000 hits to our site per second.”

“We were shutting some scholarship sites down because so many people were accessing the site at one time.”

“You have to make sure you’re building a business where your financial success correlates directly with your social impact.”

“Focus on your data.”

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