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Near-Death & Other Realms w/ Sarah Bullen

  • E121
  • 1:09:54
  • April 11th 2022

This week I’m talking to author, international writing coach and literary agent, Sarah Bullen.

Sarah was just 34 with a young family when her husband discovered he had a brain tumour. As he pursued a shamanic path to fight the cancer, they were both catapulted into a world of ritual and ceremony. As he entered his last weeks of life, Sarah ended up in a coma on life-support for four weeks, where she experienced what she describes as other realms and worlds.

She has written about this journey in her latest book, called Love and Above, and this is not a world I know anything about, or have any experience in. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’d say that from conversations like this I’m learning to be less cynical, less likely to disregard the stories of others because they don’t align with my own understanding of the world.

This was fascinating, and I’m delighted I had the chance to chat with Sarah.

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Sarah's IG - @thewritingroom.sarahbullen


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