Cheri Williams: Child Welfare During COVID-19 artwork
Stetzer Leadership Podcast

Cheri Williams: Child Welfare During COVID-19

  • S2E14
  • 25:08
  • December 22nd 2020

In this episode, we will talk about the impact the pandemic has had on children in general, and specifically on foster kids. While COVID-19 has provided a significant opportunity, considering the increase in free time, it has also introduced new barriers for families to be able to keep foster children for a longer period of time. In this episode, Ed and Daniel are joined by Cheri Williams, the Senior Vice President of Domestic Programs at Bethany Family Services. Topics discussed include: 

  • The impact of COVID-19 on domestic adoption and international adoption
  • How pastors can encourage families seeking to foster or adopt
  • How church congregations can support adoptive families

Stetzer Leadership Podcast

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