Derek Sanford: Untapped Church artwork
Stetzer Leadership Podcast

Derek Sanford: Untapped Church

  • S2E41
  • 30:28
  • August 18th 2021

The greatest untapped resource in today's church is high-capacity volunteer leaders. Many people in many churches are largely untapped which means available but not used. Ed is joined by Derek Sanford, author of his recent book, Untapped Church.

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Stetzer Leadership Podcast

Season 1 of the Stetzer Leadership podcast was dedicated to helping church leaders navigate through the new reality of the coronavirus. Season 2 of the Stetzer Leadership podcast expands beyond the coronavirus, offering insight to help leaders navigate this unique cultural moment we now find ourselves in, alongside our hosts, Ed Stetzer and Daniel Yang.

Ed Stetzer and Daniel Yang interview leaders such as Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler, Andy Crouch, and Senator Marco Rubio to better understand how we can respond faithfully and responsibly to the current crisis.