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Still Magic

Ally Ayres & Nick Ayres - Karu Distillery

  • S4E1
  • 1:16:45
  • March 2nd 2021

Episode 32 – Heritage

Today we visit the mouth of the Devil’s Wilderness in the Australian state of New South Wales. And it is here that we can find Karu Distillery, the home of Affinity Gin (44%) and Lightning Gin (57.5%).

Karu is a name steeped in heritage, and one that captures the spirit of its founders superbly.  The story of Affinity's launch date seals this connection as well.

Ally and Nick provide an engaging and thoughtful commentary of how they both went ‘all in’ to start their distillery.

Nick was working 90-hour weeks in the motion picture industry; Ally had a role that wasn’t quite where her heart yearned to be.

The lockdown laws that punctuated Sydney’s nightlife in 2016, catalysed their interest to share spirits with friends in their own bar. 

And then a realisation; why don’t we make spirits ourselves ?

What follows is a remarkable story of industry, desire, and international accolades for their first two products at the highest level.  Ally devotes quality time to innovative product ideas, which keep their business vibrant and relevant

Rum is the next product in the offing. Their stills - Ding and Calcifer - will have more adventures to share in good time, before their whiskey adventure begins.

And all of this against a backdrop of drought, bushfires, floods, a pandemic; and some of Australia’s deadliest fauna underfoot as well. Just for good measure.

Sit back, relax and learn how to #findyoursugar with Ally and Nick.

Be bold. Enjoy yourself. Let’s create a new gin narrative.

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