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Still Magic

Xoriguer Mahon, Never Never Triple Juniper & Karu Affinity

  • S2E13
  • 58:40
  • December 8th 2020

Episode 31 – Guardianship

Welcome to the Still Magic Podcast your one-click audio stop for all things gin. Be it gin making, gin producing, gin distilling, gin manufacturing, gin commercialising, gin tasting, gin, drinking gin, steeping, and everything else in between.

In today’s episode with my special guest Glenn McPhee – co-founder of the The Gin Boutique – we consider 3 more superb products.

One is a classic gin whose lineage predates several British powerhouse brands.

The other two gins are at ‘crossroads’: contemporary expressions but paying homage to traditional styles. In musical terms, this reminds me of a young guitarist named Eric Clapton, responding to a clarion call from legendary bluesman Robert Johnson.

Xoriguer Mahon @ 38% from Menorca, Spain

Triple Juniper @ 43% from The Never Never Distlling Co, South Australia

Affinity Gin @ 44% from Karu Distillery, New South Wales

Here’s what in store for today's episode

  • 01:01 – Background story: Xoriguer Mahon Gin
  • 05:00 – Background story: Triple Juniper Gin
  • 08:52 – Background story: Affinity Gin
  • 12:51 – Gins neat
  • 21:59 – Gins with tonic
  • 33:03 – Martinis
  • 47:14 – Southsides

Each has contrasting delivery styles that clearly express their respective makers' intent. In short, delivering “delicious" in so many ways.

And the way they express this joy for life in these contemporary products, is proof positive that gin’s relevance and vibrancy is in good hands

Our heartfelt thanks go to Jana from Xoriguer Export, Sean Baxter from Never Never Distilling Co, and to Nick and Ally Ayres from Karu Distillery for your contributions to this episode of What Makes a Great Gin.

The best is yet to come so jump in, belt up and hang on.

Be bold. Enjoy yourself.

Let’s creative a new gin narrative.

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Host: Marcel Thompson    @stillmagicway 

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Xoriguer Mahon - Triple Juniper - Affinity Gin

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