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Still Magic

The 3Bs - Gin's Building Blocks

  • S1E3
  • 12:29
  • June 11th 2020

Episode 3

Welcome to the Still Magic Podcast, your one-click audio stop for all things gin be it gin making, gin production, gin distilling, gin manufacturing, gin commercialising, gin tasting, gin drinking, gin steeping and everything else in between.

This episode provides an overview of gin’s building blocks; the 3Bs

  • Botanicals
  • Bases
  • Blending

The term "Botanicals" describes the plant-based flavour sources in all gin. All gin must contain juniper to fit the product definition. But juniper on its own does not result in gin as this podcast will demonstrate. This overview provides the lead-in to Episode 4 Botancials, Berries and Bands

Bases describes a collection of botanicals in alcohol, which provide the starting point for all gin creation. Listeners will learn about the big 5 botanicals and how these have stood the test of time for centuries on end. In a digital world with real-time connectedness and access to information, it is remarkable to see that 5 botanicals have formed a gin canon, which distillers the world over are still putting to use today. Find out more about Bases in Episode 5 Botanicals Bases and Blending

Blending refers to a simple concept. Take two or more similar things and mix them together to create a new product or outcome. In a gin making context, these two things are water and alcohol. 

The alcohol however has a few ‘favourite flavour friends’ along for the ride too. These friends are naturally occurring botanical compounds called terpenes, providing a level of complexity to the blending process. 

This complexity forces distillers to treat water and it use, with both respect and restraint. There’s a lot more to blending, and the role water plays, than first impressions would suggest. 

Episode 5 Botanicals Bases and Blending provides more insights, including the connection between two seemingly unrelated project challenges; constructing the mighty Hoover Dam and using water to reduce alcoholic strength in spirits making.

Be bold. Enjoy yourselves. Let's create the next gin narrative.

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Narrator: Marcel Thompson



Still Magic

Hosted by award winning gin distiller and educator Marcel Thompson, the Still Magic podcast provides insights concerning gin making, gin producing, gin distilling, gin manufacturing, gin commercialising, gin tasting, gin drinking gin steeping and everything else in between.

Each podcast episode brings gin's centuries-long history to life in a contemporary setting, season by season. This includes assessing an array of different gins in efforts to determine what makes a great gin.

Local and international distillers share their insights as well. You'll receive a rare glimpse into the energy, passion, and desire that manifests itself as wonderful products people enjoy worldwide.

Collective experiences from episode guests will show that the following principles are as applicable to a gin making journey as any other new, exciting, or challenging endeavour

  •         Simplicity is best;
  •         Less is more;
  •         Inexperience is no barrier to success.

Be bold. Enjoy yourselves. Let's create the next gin narrative...