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Still Magic

Still Magic - Foreword & Introduction

  • S1E1
  • 10:31
  • June 9th 2020

Episode 1

Still Magic Season 1 describes how gin making is far more accessible than people would first consider.

This episode references the Foreword and Introduction to the book Still Magic - A gin distiller's guide for beginners.

This includes an 'early days' overview of the Four Pillars story as described by founder and distiller, Cameron Mackenzie. Four Pillars received the International Wines and Spirits Competition's highest honour, recognised as the world's best gin business in 2019, a mere 6 years after starting out.

The original premise behind writing and publishing Still Magic, was recognising that ‘something was missing’ from the gin narrative. Although there is lots of information generously provided by gin enthusiasts, bloggers, cocktail aficionados, bar tenders, sales and marketing people, advertisers, historians, and entertainers, it was puzzling to see that a distiller hadn’t published a book for beginners. 

What had originally started out as a fanciful idea to write a book ‘some day’, became an exercise beyond authorship and one with a renewed sense of purpose.

The goals of the Still Magic podcast seasons to come, are to consider some of the finest distilled products available, and to give their producers an enduring voice.

Be bold. Enjoy yourselves. Let's create the next gin narrative.

Still Magic paperback, digital and audio copies available from your favourite online stores

Narrator: Dave Stokes

Narrator: Marcel Thompson



Still Magic

Hosted by award winning gin distiller and educator Marcel Thompson, the Still Magic podcast provides insights concerning gin making, gin producing, gin distilling, gin manufacturing, gin commercialising, gin tasting, gin drinking gin steeping and everything else in between.

Each podcast episode brings gin's centuries-long history to life in a contemporary setting, season by season. This includes assessing an array of different gins in efforts to determine what makes a great gin.

Local and international distillers share their insights as well. You'll receive a rare glimpse into the energy, passion, and desire that manifests itself as wonderful products people enjoy worldwide.

Collective experiences from episode guests will show that the following principles are as applicable to a gin making journey as any other new, exciting, or challenging endeavour

  •         Simplicity is best;
  •         Less is more;
  •         Inexperience is no barrier to success.

Be bold. Enjoy yourselves. Let's create the next gin narrative...