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Ophir Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin

  • S2E2
  • 23:55
  • June 25th 2020

Episode 10

Welcome to the Still Magic Podcast, your one-click audio stop for all things gin be it gin making, gin production, gin distilling, gin manufacturing, gin commercialising, gin tasting, gin drinking, gin steeping and everything else in between.

Today we take a magical mystery tour, evoking images of the middle east and wonderful lands of plenty. A journey like this is one to share.

The subject of today’s segment takes its name from a legendary port where every 3 years King Solomon would receive gold, ivory, pearls, sandalwood, and silver

The original visionary for today’s gin is none other than Thomas Dakin, regarded as the forefather of quality English Gin; and oft described as the original “ginnovator”

In 1761 he bought a property on Bridge St in Warrington, located in County Cheshire equidistant from Liverpool to the East and Manchester to the West.

The Dakin family later sold the business to none other than Gilbert and John Greenall; yes, the founders of the Greenall’s Gin brand 

Fast forward some 250 years – and 7 master distillers later – let’s consider today’s gin

It was designed with the ancient spice route in mind – taking in cubeb from Malaysia, pepper cardamom and ginger from India, cumin from Turkey, coriander from Morocco, bitter orange from Spain. Angelica from Germany and juniper of course from its traditional stronghold in the Mediterranean.

The gin’s creator was inspired by visits to these places, keeping an image of the spice markets in mind whilst deciding which spices and botanicals to include; What. A . Fantastic. Calling, I;n sure you'll agree.

The hope and intent is that the gin will remind people of the very same vibrant aromas, tastes, noises and colours of these exotic spice markets, from an important time in history.

With a backstory like that, If ever there was a gin whose values demonstrate heritage, guardianship and legacy, it’s this one.

I’m thrilled and delighted to say that we have one of the many superb gins crafted by Joanne Moore, the architect behind Bloom, Berkeley Square London Dry and Thomas Dakin. 

Joanne is the 7th master distiller since 1761 and one of the first female master distillers in the world.

Today, it's time to showcase one of Joanne Moore's finest.

Ophir Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin


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Narrator: Marcel Thompson


Editor: @alexiepigot

Guest contributors: @nisholay, @antipodeanharpie

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