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Persepolis by Miki Lentin

  • S1E5
  • 13:58
  • May 15th 2020

Persepolis by Miki Lentin tells the story of a meeting between a volunteer Tony and a refugee Ali at a refugee support centre in Waterloo. Under a backdrop of a production of 'End Game' that is playing in the Old Vic Theatre, the story looks at both characters, and asks what it is they are both trying to escape from.

Written and produced as part of the Waterloo Festival.

About the author/producer

Miki took up writing while travelling the world with his family a few years ago. Last year he completed a MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University, and this year was a finalist in the 2020 Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair. As well as finishing his first book, he writes short stories, the most recent of which achieved second prize in the short memoir competition with Fish Publishing.

He has achieved second prize in the Momaya Press Short Story Award 2019 and has also been published by @Villageraw Magazine and Elixir Magazine online. He also writes book reviews for MIR Online. Miki is a Trustee of The Reading Agency, volunteers with the Refugee Council and at refugee camps in Calais and Greece, and dreams of one day running a café again. His agent is Cathryn Summerhayes @taffyagent. Find him on Twitter @mikilentin

The applause sound FX comes from Orange Free Sounds and has been mixed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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