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Hello World

  • S1E1
  • 45:16
  • June 2nd 2021

In this inaugural podcast episode, Ben and Joel dive into their shared obsession with subscription eCommerce. While Ben comes from a background of deep Shopify expertise and Joel has spent his career on custom builds, both entrepreneurs are passionate about creating a stellar experience for brands and customers alike. In the world of subscriptions, the landscape is particularly interesting. Ben and Joel discuss everything from the birth of subscription DTC tools to recent changes at Shopify to what the future of subscription eCommerce may hold.

Show Topics

  • Shopify’s first-mover advantage
  • Flexibility as a must-have for subscription platforms
  • The impact of Shopify changes on the subscription landscape
  • Deciding whether to build or buy a subscription platform
  • The difference between CPG and tech companies

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Ben Fisher & Joel Van Horn discuss the nuts & bolts of subscription commerce.