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Hacking Anxiety: Inside My Ketamine Therapy Subscription

  • S1E33
  • 24:18
  • April 25th 2023

Ben has struggled with anxiety for his entire life. He's tried everything from therapy to, prescription medication, to mindfulness, none of which totally relieved his anxiety.

Recently, Ben explored alternative options and decided to try ketamine therapy. This consists of a series of sessions where the patient is injected with ketamine, goes on a psychedelic "trip" and then talks through it with a therapist. Ketamine therapy isn't for everyone, but Ben found healing and emotional release.

In this episode, Ben shares his experience, what he learned, and how he's implementing those insights in everyday life.

Obligatory disclaimer: The following is a personal experience and not medical advice. For ketamine therapy or other treatments, consult a licensed medical professional.


  • Ben's background and reasons for trying Ketamine therapy
  • What is Ketamine therapy
  • Ben's experiences during the therapy sessions
  • Insights and takeaways from the therapy
  • Ben's struggles with writing
  • The importance of emotional state and exercise
  • Combining Ketamine Therapy with good habits
  • A feedback loop is critical to growth

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