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How to Work With Investors to grow your DTC Business

  • S1E25
  • 43:49
  • September 12th 2022

Rick Watson, ecommerce influencer and strategy consultant at RMW Commerce Consulting, has helped many growing DTC brands navigate subscription strategies. It’s a challenging market because not all subscriptions are created equal. So, how do you create a subscription worth sticking around for? Give your customers access to something they can’t get anywhere else. The best subscriptions rely on variety to maintain their audience’s interest. On this episode of Subscription Radio, Ben and Rick discuss what products work best in a subscription model, why most brands can’t be subscription-only, and what questions to ask before moving your business toward a subscription model.

Show Topics

  • When are subscriptions more hassle than they're worth?
  • Should your brand be subscription-only?
  • Don’t trick people into commitments
  • Not all subscriptions are created equal
  • Do you need a subscription model?
  • Find out what people excel at
  • What does it take to fulfill a product?
  • Value consistency and focus

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