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Subscription Radio

How to level up your subscription service

  • S1E18
  • 59:19
  • June 6th 2022

Matthew Barnes, founder of Proteus Digital Lab, knows how to help DTC brands optimize their conversion rates for subscriptions. A conversion isn’t just an event; it’s part of a larger customer experience. If you want to get a customer to commit to a subscription, you can’t just focus on the conversion point. You have to consider the entire life cycle of the customer. On this episode of Subscription Radio, Ben and Matthew talk through ways to sweeten your subscription services for customers, how to get past that initial growth plateau, and why going headless isn’t necessarily your best option.

Show Topics

  • Use data to accelerate growth
  • Sweeten the subscription offer
  • Grow your website alongside your business
  • Follow customers over time
  • Think about lifetime value
  • Use subscriptions where they make sense
  • Have a clear interface
  • Don’t disincentivize customers
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Know your customer’s needs

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