How to Build a Sustainable DTC Brand Model artwork
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How to Build a Sustainable DTC Brand Model

  • S1E22
  • 26:28
  • August 1st 2022

Mike Duboe, general partner at Greylock, is an expert on DTC trends. As a growth leader in user acquisition at multiple ecommerce companies, Mike has seen the evolution of DTC firsthand. Today, DTC is less of a category and more of a channel. Whether it’s a new subscription model or NFTs, if you want to grow your DTC brand, you need to diversify your channels. On this episode of Subscription Radio, Ben and Mike discuss what growth looks like in a DTC brand, the rise of NFTs in commerce, and how to build the best subscription experience for your customers.

Show Topics

  • Growth differs depending on context
  • Optimize for profit over growth
  • Diversify your channels
  • Understand the commerce NFTs enable
  • Use NFTs for subscription loyalty
  • Don’t force-feed subscriptions
  • Increase your keep rate
  • Build a subscription experience

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