Brewbike's pandemic pivot with David Silverman artwork
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Brewbike's pandemic pivot with David Silverman

  • S1E8
  • 43:14
  • August 2nd 2021

David Silverman is the VP of Brand + Digital at Brewbike, a mission-driven coffee company that exists to empower young people through entrepreneurial experience. Pre-pandemic, that was accomplished by giving students the keys to their own coffee business on college campus. That all changed in March 2020, when campuses closed and revenue went to zero overnight. Brewbike quickly created a Shopify store and launched a DTC model that remains a thriving sector of their business over one year later. David joined us to share the steps Brewbike took to embrace DTC, the core pillars of a successful subscription service, and what’s next as Brewbike expand to an additional six campuses this fall.

Show Topics

  • Using Shopify as a base will take you far
  • Applying online subscriptions to in-person sales
  • Leverage conversational communication
  • Make subscribers feel special
  • Focus on subscription customization
  • Communicate with subscribers at the right time

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