Quickfire Digital's Nathan Lomax on ecommerce agencies as a tool for Shopify brands artwork
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Quickfire Digital's Nathan Lomax on ecommerce agencies as a tool for Shopify brands

  • S1E30
  • 48:37
  • March 22nd 2023

As a Shopify business scales and generates millions in revenue, it's easy to feel like things are running smoothly and that there's no need for change. But complacency can be a dangerous trap in the fast-moving world of ecommerce. To keep growing and thriving, Shopify brands need to evaluate their strategies. This is where a skilled ecommerce agency can help.

Nathan Lomax of Quickfire Digital explores ways ecommerce agencies can help even the most successful Shopify brands continue to scale and meet their business goals.

Key points covered:

  • Why it's essential to focus on targeted metrics to help maximize CRO
  • Refining website and app management to meet the needs of the users
  • How to build stronger relationships with customers and partners for growth and profitability

Meet Nathan Lomax

Nathan Lomax is the director and co-founder of Quickfire Digital, an ecommerce web development agency. His journey starts at 18 years old, when he decided to start his first agency instead of pursuing higher education. He deferred his university admission for two years and dedicated his time to growing the business.

Despite early success, Nathan recognized that his agency had room for growth. He understood the need to revamp his branding and assemble a competent team to support him in taking his business to the next level. In 2017, Nathan rebranded his agency to Quickfire Digital and partnered with two other co-founders to boost their ecommerce strategy, systems process, and finance.

About Quickfire Digital

Quickfire Digital is a top Shopify Plus ecommerce agency based in the UK that partners with Shopify and Shopify Plus brands to build strategies for growth. The agency was founded with the goal of helping clients maximize their potential, and prides itself on delivering tailored solutions that cater to each brand’s unique needs.

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