Shopify Unite 2021 highlights, recap + predictions artwork
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Shopify Unite 2021 highlights, recap + predictions

  • S1E6
  • 27:42
  • July 2nd 2021

Shopify Unite 2021, the annual partner and developer conference, delivered much to get excited about. It also left us with some questions. How will bespoke themes transition to Online Store 2.0? Now that merchants can create payment gateways as an app, will there be extra fees? What is the future for Shopify Plus? We discussed the highlights and did our best to give you our predictions.

Show Topics

  • Troublesome theme transitions to Online Store 2.0
  • Enhanced developer toolkit with Hydrogen
  • Create payment gateways as an app
  • Calculate international payments
  • Improved developer experience
  • Shift in value of Shopify Plus

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