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What Separates Good Subscriptions From Great Ones

  • S1E27
  • 49:43
  • December 13th 2022

Andriy Rudnyk, founder of Good Subscription Agency, has established himself as a top agency for Shopify brands. He’s learned that subscriptions are powerful—but only if they create value for the customer. In this conversation, Andriy and Ben unpack where brands go wrong with the customer experience as it relates to subscriptions and what to do instead.


  • Understanding your business before deciding
  • What are your jobs to be done?
  • See yourself as a software company
  • What "The Membership Economy" teaches us
  • Why consumers love subscriptions
  • Create a better CX without canceling
  • Experiment with prepayment
  • Three pillars of The Membership Economy
  • Subscriptions: tried-and-true

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