How to turn one-time customers into long-term subscribers artwork
Subscription Radio

How to turn one-time customers into long-term subscribers

  • S1E17
  • 34:34
  • May 30th 2022

William Hicks, co-founder and president of Magic Mind, knows the value of turning one-time customers into monthly subscribers. The more subscribers your company has, the better your retention rates will be. But getting customers to commit to a subscription requires strategic action. You have to prove to your customers that a subscription is worth the commitment. On this episode of Subscription Radio, Ben and William talk through strengthening your subscription model, how to get customers to agree to a subscription, and why you shouldn’t look for a silver bullet.

Show Topics

  • Invest in positive changes
  • Pay attention to your model
  • Focus on subscription
  • Give your customers a guarantee
  • Listen to your customers’ needs
  • Don’t underestimate operational complexity
  • Demonstrate success
  • Utilize your financing
  • Give customers an out
  • Don’t look for a silver bullet

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