Arash Homampour, Top Trial Attorney With $500m+ in Won Restitution | How to Take on Large Corporations and Win artwork
Success Story with Scott D. Clary

Arash Homampour, Top Trial Attorney With $500m+ in Won Restitution | How to Take on Large Corporations and Win

  • E157
  • 50:44
  • August 18th 2021

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➡️ About The Guest

Arash Homampour has obtained over half a billion dollars in settlements, verdicts and judgments for his clients.

His firm specializes in what they call “Underdog” or “David v. Goliath” litigation where they represent one individual client that is taking on a public entity, large employer, industry or manufacturer in an effort to change and/or stop unlawful or unsafe conduct for the good of others and the community.

In the last five years alone, Arash has obtained Eight 8 figure verdicts and Four 7 figure verdicts in a wide array of trials and cases involving dangerous products, roads, driving, and premises (including a record setting $60 million wrongful death/product liability verdict in Orange County Federal Court and a $30 million wrongful death verdict in Ventura County.)

➡️ Talking Points

08:09 - The business of personal injury law.

14:01 - Arash’s first big break.

18:03 - Why do attorneys not take these cases on?

20:24 - Taking on $100 million dollar cases.

26:45 - Harnessing new techniques, new technologies.

34:29 - Investing in your own people.

39:49 - The importance of being true to yourself.

44:14 - Advice for young entrepreneurs.

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