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Super Startup Club

Where to start when starting your Startup

  • S1E1
  • 48:03
  • June 29th 2021

This week on the Super Startup Club we talk about little-used resources available in the startup world. So you have a startup idea? Great! Now listen to some next step ideas that will help you get off the ground and on the road to revenue and startup greatness! Also, we talked about Crypto, cause I mean, everyone is. Looking for an industry mentor? -


Make some money on unused URLs - https://www.newsy.co/?ref=producthunt

Increase your Ecommerce knowledge - https://www.springbot.com/

Cool stuff we found ⬇

the Future of AI vision - roboflow.com

Tinder + TikTok = Snack 🥨 https://www.thesnackapp.com/

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