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Supply Chain Revolution

Introduction to the Supply Chain Revolution

  • S1E1
  • 05:07
  • February 2nd 2020

Welcome to the Supply Chain Revolution, the supply chain podcast that explores provocative points of views that challenge paradigms for progress. Some have said this is the most entertaining and educational supply chain podcast on Earth! Join us as we explore New School Chain, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Technology & Innovation, Sustainable Development & the SDGs, and Leadership and Rebels around the world that are disrupting the status quo.

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Supply Chain Revolution

Join podcast host Supply ChainQueen on the Supply Chain Revolution podcast as she explores provocative points of view that challenge paradigms for progress in supply chain management, sustainability, circular economy, leadership, innovation, and technology. This is the TOP Supply Chain podcast in "new school" supply chain podcast that explores shifts in generational, social, environmental, technological, and "the people side" of leading change in transformation. We also evangelize the supply chain rebel - folks who challenge the status quo and are under-represented or misrepresented in traditional supply chain organizations.

The Supply Chain Revolution is inclusive and shares how diversity can be a catalyst for innovation, highlighting progressive ideas and access to insights, strategies, and tools to make better choices that shape critical aspects of their business and personal lives, building transformational change for a better, sustainable world.

This is the supply chain podcast for supply chain leaders, thinkers, dreamers, doers, learners, builders, and supply chain professionals who want to change the world using a different approach in supply chain, leadership that embraces circular thinking, digital transformation, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and advanced innovation.

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