Supply Chain 5.0, the New Headspace, Stewardship, Leading in Networks, Culture, Ageism, the Rise of Social Media, and Diversity in the Future of Work  (Supply Chain Brief) artwork
Supply Chain Revolution

Supply Chain 5.0, the New Headspace, Stewardship, Leading in Networks, Culture, Ageism, the Rise of Social Media, and Diversity in the Future of Work (Supply Chain Brief)

  • S1E10
  • 18:56
  • March 11th 2020

This is Part 3 of our first webinar series with Supply Chain Brief where discuss unlocking and empowering the value of "us", of humans in the future of work in Supply Chain 5.0.

Episode 10 is packed with insights starting with FOUR themes around leadership. We discuss the ‘new headspace’, embracing global stewardship and value creation, the new M.O. needed for new school leadership, and using digital an as equalizer to distribute leadership in networks. New diversity and new impacts are discussed...sensitive topics front of mind for all workforce generations and rebels.

Provocative PoVs uncovered include: the rise of social media in leadership when influencing digital natives and the shift where employees are viewed as trusted stewards (this is akin to we hire adults, then we get out of their way and treat them like adults). We dive into the theme of structuring an organization for success and the shift to ‘platform orgs’...why building a learning organization is critical to culture, speed to value and agility in the future of work. Lastly, we talk diversity & inclusion, this means diversity of thought and people who stand up your organization and flipping ageism on its side as an input for kick-ass design thinking!

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Supply Chain Revolution

Born February 2020, check out Season 1: Supply Chain Revolution podcast explores provocative points of view that challenge paradigms for progress in supply chain management, sustainability, circular economy, leadership, and technology. Have you ever looked around the business-as-usual operating model and thought, "there has to be a better way and are there others out here like me?" We are your people. This is the TOP Supply Chain podcast in "new school" supply chain podcast that explores shifts in generational, social, environmental, technological, and "the people side" of leading change in transformation.

The Supply Chain Revolution is the supply chain podcast that highlights progressive ideas that challenge the status quo, giving people access to insights, strategies, and tools to make better choices that shape critical aspects of their business and personal lives, building transformational change for a better, sustainable world.

This is the supply chain podcast for supply chain leaders, thinkers, dreamers, doers, learners, builders, and supply chain professionals who want to change the world using a different approach to traditional supply chain, leadership, circular thinking, digital transformation, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, technology, strategy, and camaraderie to create new ways of working in the supply chain revolution. We are an inclusive group where all are welcomed and represented.

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About Season One - Join host the SupplyChainQueen, Sheri Hinish to discuss new school supply chain, sustainability, sustainable development, circular economy, supply chain technology, innovation and leadership in the future of work. Deborah Dull also joins the discussion on a few episodes this season. They both believe supply chains can save the planet, save lives, and transform traditional business models.

About the Host: Colleagues and clients affectionately call Sheri Hinish the “Supply Chain Queen.” Recognized as an IBM Futurist, a 2020 & 2019 Supply & Demand Chain Executive "Pro to Know," and recipient of the Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Award, Sheri Hinish is a leading advocate, strategist, and influencer in new school supply chain, sustainability & the SDGs, leading with purpose, and change management in digital transformations. 

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