Exploring Short Supply Chains, Urban Agriculture, and the Future of Circular Cities and Food to Rethink Commercial Food Systems artwork
Supply Chain Revolution

Exploring Short Supply Chains, Urban Agriculture, and the Future of Circular Cities and Food to Rethink Commercial Food Systems

  • S1E22
  • 17:10
  • June 28th 2020

Imagine a world where city and suburban agriculture takes the form of backyard, roof-top and balcony gardening, community gardening in vacant lots and parks, roadside urban fringe agriculture and livestock grazing in open space. From bio-walls, to edible landscapes, and “gardens-as-a-service,” the transition to a circular economy and sustainable world includes leveraging Urban Agriculture and regenerative farming techniques.

In Episode 22 (Part 2 of the discussion), we explore the principles of regenerative agriculture in the circular transition, including the tension of going local, integrating food education in public schools, the benefits of urban agriculture and holistic design, the importance of communities in agriculture and circularity, and how you can get started in your journey rethinking food and food security. The revolution starts at the bottom. Learn more about how we can design a better future with zero waste, equality, and transition to soil-to-soil approaches to unite people and our planet.

PS: This is the 2nd part of a long discussion. Part 1 is Episode 21, so if you haven’t listened to it yet it’s a good primer for this episode. It’s about 17 mins.

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Supply Chain Revolution

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