Where Purpose and Product Meet Sustainable + Circular Supply Chains: Sustainability in OmniChannel Commerce + Logistics with Jeremy BodenHamer (CEO, ShipHawk) artwork
Supply Chain Revolution

Where Purpose and Product Meet Sustainable + Circular Supply Chains: Sustainability in OmniChannel Commerce + Logistics with Jeremy BodenHamer (CEO, ShipHawk)

  • S1E54
  • 21:12
  • February 22nd 2021

This is an episode where purpose and product meets sustainable + circular supply chains. From the amazing stories/use cases of AllBirds, Grove Collective, RareForm, and e-commerce brand Parker Clay who asked "...could we bring these beautiful products to the world, create jobs to empower vulnerable women in Ethiopia to become economically independent, and protect traditional, sustainable, and ethical craftsmanship all at once?" - > Buckle up and get ready to be inspired and glean insights from brands powered by purpose and the technology that makes it happen.

In Episode 54, host, Sheri Hinish, also called the SupplyChainQueen, joins CEO of ShipHawk Jeremy Bodenhamer, Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Award Winner, Author of Adapt or Die, and Supply Chainer ranked on the INC 5000 list who is 100% Rebel! How does logistics save the day and deliver the type of CX that customers have come to expect but in a sustainable way? We talk about the intersection of logistics and technology for positive social impact, omni-channel commerce + the circular economy, and how ShipHawk is helping EPIC sustainable brands do some cool things in supply chain. 

A lot has happened in the e2e supply chain ecosystem space but we still have a gap in creating a world where shipping positively impacts societies without the impacts to people, the environment, or eroding profitability. Many would argue that the sheer nature of 'shipping things' in a complex supply chain, hurts sustainable progress. Jeremy unpacks how the intersection of tech and logistics is helping the triple bottom line, including the fulfillment efficiency card and how do you factor in carbon and non-financial performance indicators to get started on your journey?

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