Cartier artwork
Gem Pursuit


  • S4E6
  • 1:17:16
  • June 21st 2021

It's the final instalment in our Firm Favourites series, and we're back to Paris for a bumper episode about the one and only jewellery giant that is Cartier.

King Edward VII famously described Cartier as "the Jeweller of Kings and the King of Jewellers" but as you'll learn in this episode, he wasn't the only one who thought so.

Among other things we discuss King Lear, the Patiala necklace, Platinum, Panthers and the origins of the modern wristwatch.

We've talked about Cartier in almost every episode, such is their dominance of the jewellery world, but we dug up some brand new Cartier stories for you this week.

And don't forget to listen to the end for the conclusion of this season's very tightly contested Gem Trivial Pursuit!

Producer: Ross Hannon

Gem Pursuit

Join us in our Gem Pursuit, as we discuss the intricacies of antique and vintage jewellery. Explore the fascinating stories behind these historic pieces, be inspired by the craftsmen and designers that created artistic movements and become captivated with the gemstones that have stood the test of time.

Host is Matty Weldon joined by co-host Alyce Ketcher. As we say out with new and in with the old!

Producer - Ross Hannon