Symbols of the Sea artwork
Gem Pursuit

Symbols of the Sea

  • S5E3
  • 1:06:49
  • September 20th 2021

Part III - Symbols of the Sea

Our fifth season of Gem Pursuit feat. Matthew Weldon & Alyce Ketcher is called 'Treasured Tokens: the Secret Language of Jewellery'

In this episode we do a deep dive into the unknown and the unknowable deep blue ocean.

As always we talk about the origin and evolution of these motifs and then get our hands salty and briney as we sift through coral, anchors and shells, dodging jellyfish and turtles to find the real treasured tokens at the bottom of the sea.

As always we'll have great jewellery stories - this week featuring heavy hitters such as Jean Schlumberger, Fulco di Verdura, René Boivin and Salvador Dali.

Listen to the end for collector's tips and an even-more-controversial-than-usual edition of Gem Trivial Pursuit.

Producer: Ross Hannon

Additional Research: Giulia Grasseschi

Gem Pursuit

Join us in our Gem Pursuit, as we discuss the intricacies of antique and vintage jewellery. Explore the fascinating stories behind these historic pieces, be inspired by the craftsmen and designers that created artistic movements and become captivated with the gemstones that have stood the test of time.

Host is Matty Weldon joined by co-host Alyce Ketcher. As we say out with new and in with the old!

Producer - Ross Hannon