The Claddagh Ring artwork
Gem Pursuit

The Claddagh Ring

  • S5E1
  • 55:30
  • September 6th 2021

Part I - The Claddagh Ring

Our fifth season of Gem Pursuit feat. Matthew Weldon & Alyce Ketcher is called 'Treasured Tokens: the Secret Language of Jewellery'

We go back to the origins of this extremely popular Irish symbol of love, loyalty and friendship to discover that its history stretches back a little further than one might think...

We try to separate fact from fiction in the story of who made the very first Claddagh ring.

And as always we'll have specific jewellery stories, collector's tips and a brand new (but unchanged) edition of Gem Trivial Pursuit.

Producer: Ross Hannon

Additional Research: Giulia Grasseschi

Gem Pursuit

Join us in our Gem Pursuit, as we discuss the intricacies of antique and vintage jewellery. Explore the fascinating stories behind these historic pieces, be inspired by the craftsmen and designers that created artistic movements and become captivated with the gemstones that have stood the test of time.

Host is Matty Weldon joined by co-host Alyce Ketcher. As we say out with new and in with the old!

Producer - Ross Hannon