Episode 11: Ballgowns and Letdowns artwork
Talking Derry Girls

Episode 11: Ballgowns and Letdowns

  • S2E11
  • 1:06:28
  • September 30th 2020

We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep5 / 'The Prom'

Our own 3 Derry Girls delve into the murky, messy, fragile world of teenage friendship. Derry's Doctor Who connections are explored - could the Doctor be a Derry Girl? Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise reminisce about their own Prom dates and how nuns armed with rulers measured out a decent distance during the slow dances. As ever - many questions are asked. Are Derry people too pasty for Baywatch? Could nude sunbathing ever have taken off in Donegal and just how tight is too tight? 

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We didn’t get the chance to give a shout out to these wonderful actors also in this...  

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Talking Derry Girls

Fancy a bit of craic?! Jeanie, Marie-Louise and Pauline love the Channel 4 sit-com, Derry Girls, based in their home city. We thought it would be fun to rewatch the series, and chat about each episode in detail. You don’t have to be from Derry or even a girl. Being a Derry Girl is a state of mind. Come on in!