Does Veganism Make A Difference In The World? artwork
The Compassionate Conversation

Does Veganism Make A Difference In The World?

  • S1E10
  • 49:51
  • July 25th 2020

Does being vegan make a difference in the world? We explore this question at length in this episode. From the number of people who have gone vegan in the last few years to industries that most people would never expect to have completely vegan products (like floss and contact fluid), we demonstrate how veganism is within anyone's reach and the impact it's already created worldwide for millions of people and animals.

The Growing Acceptance of Veganism

How Many Animals Does A Vegetarian Save?

U.S. Loses 100,000 Dairy Cows in Last Year as More Dairy Farms Close

Beyond Investing

Why Do People Mock Vegans?

Why Do People Hate Vegans?

Beyond Hippies and Rabbit Food: The Social Effects of Vegetarianism and Veganism

Draw My Life 🐮 A Cow in Today's Dairy Industry

Eight Pigs Rescued After Lifetime of Torture | PETA Animal Rescues

Plant Based News


Thank you for watching episode 10 of The Compassionate Conversation. We hope it inspired you to see how veganism is making a difference every single day, worldwide, in thousands of industries and the lives of millions of people.

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The Compassionate Conversation is a vegan podcast started by married couple Brad and Lucy Johnson. With a combined vegan experience and knowledge of over 10 years, this duo decided to bring their passion for peace, love, and protection of animals to the mainstream. No topic is too far out of reach to be analyzed and discussed for this show. The hosts love discussing new vegan products, sharing about what’s happening in today’s food landscape, reviewing foods and restaurants, and talking about deeper issues within culture, religion, and society. Subscribe today to join us on our vegan journey!

The Compassionate Conversation

The Compassionate Conversation is a podcast dedicated to documenting, discussing, and delineating all aspects of veganism for today’s listener. Investigating where veganism overlaps with—or collides with—knowledge, culture, nutrition, activism, science, religion, and more, this show is sure to get you thinking about the world’s fastest-growing holistic lifestyle like never before. 

This podcast is hosted by married couple Brad and Lucy Johnson. Veteran vegans who have made it their mission to incorporate veganism into a comprehensive worldview, the duo have been involved in everything from book writing to hosting non-profit initiatives. Listen today to discover how veganism can be simple, practical, and effective for you.