Is Veganism Compatible With Religious Beliefs? artwork
The Compassionate Conversation

Is Veganism Compatible With Religious Beliefs?

  • S1E9
  • 44:06
  • June 30th 2020

Is veganism compatible with religious beliefs?

The seven tenets of the Church of Satan:

The seven principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association:

Why so many vegans are atheist / vegans and religion:

What 6 world religions have to say about vegetarianism:

Exploring the relationship between veganism and religion:

Vegetarianism and religion:

Food and faith in Christian culture:

Food in Christianity:

Holy Food in the Judeo-Christian tradition:

7 benefits from stepping outside your comfort zone:

16 reasons why you should get out of your comfort zone now:

6 reasons why your comfort zone is holding you back in life:

The science behind why some people don’t follow the crowd:

The prevalence of social norms:

Why people follow what other people do:

10 reasons why being different is okay:

There’s a few big differences that I think make the case for how we should view food today: 


• Factory farming exists now and it didn’t exist then - this is a big difference in how people consume food

• Resources were scarcer then than they are now - globally we waste about ⅓ of all food produced for human consumption - that’s a massive percentage and a very serious problem - it’s a little higher in the US too (source and source)

• It’s very clear throughout Scripture that God and Jesus regard created life with honor and dignity - Jesus Himself was poor and identified with the poor, who in His time rarely had more than basic food staples to eat - and Jesus is often referred to as the Good Shepherd, a title that shows us He’s for the honest and supportive care of vulnerable animals like sheep 


Thank you for watching episode nine of The Compassionate Conversation. We hope it inspired you to think about veganism's worldwide compatibility with religious beliefs of all kinds.

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