Can You Be A Non-Vegan Environmentalist? artwork
The Compassionate Conversation

Can You Be A Non-Vegan Environmentalist?

  • S1E5
  • 42:23
  • June 2nd 2020

Cognitive dissonance -

Confirmation bias -

Cesspools of animal waste -

Animal food production systems -

Opportunity cost of animal based diets -

Carnism -

Why is factory farming hidden from the world? -

6 rules behind all human action -

What is the moral circle? - 

Greta Thunberg -

Al Gore -

James Cameron -

Arnold Schwarzenegger (mostly vegan) -

Sara Gilbert -

Straw and plastic pollution is huge -

Do plastic straws make a difference -

Nat Geo Plastic Straw article -

FinalStraw -

Albatross the Film -

Fishing is destroying the ocean -

The environmental consequences of fishing practices -

Why do fish stocks collapse? -

Dredge fishing -

Stop eating fish to save the life in our seas -

Blast fishing -

Coral reef destruction -

Bycatch -

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Calculate your carbon footprint:

See the carbon emissions of various foods here:

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