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Black Lives Matter Special - AI & Tech with Natalie Jameson & Caroline Chibelushi

  • S7E1
  • 29:09
  • July 3rd 2020

Welcome to a special edition of the Tech For Good Live podcast, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

As the wave of historic protests that rippled across the world in the wake of the barbaric public execution / murder of George Floyd by police continue, Tech For Good Live is using their platform to make a stand united in solidarity with Black Americans and global citizens to reignite and reinforce an argument around AI and the Technologies baked in bias, accuracy and ethics in the AI systems


Artificial intelligence holds a lot of promise to revolutionise our lives. Still, there's a dark side to the technology that could not only hinder progress on critical equality issues but also exacerbate them.

In this episode, Natalie Jameson, Innovation Lead at The Landing, is in conversation with Dr. Caroline Chibelushi, specialist in Artificial Intelligence at the Knowledge Transfer Network, discussing what needs to change to make this technology inclusive.


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You can apply for the GQHQ innovation co-lab at 


To find out more about Black Lives Matter, to support the movement or to download helpful resources, visit


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