Doom and Gloom. We're on brand - The Live Christmas Episode 2019
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Doom and Gloom. We're on brand - The Live Christmas Episode 2019
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Christmas is a time for friendship, joy, fun, election rage and disappointment, and most importantly - a time for podcasts. Pretty sure there is a christmas song that will back that up.

Thanks for joining us for this special episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast. It’s a podcast about technology being used for social good. We’ll be talking about our favourite news from the year.  And this episode is special for three reasons:

  1. It’s Christmas. YES
  2. We’re joined by our friends from other brilliant Manchester meetups: HER+Data MCR, Open Data Manchester, Py Data Manchester and McrFRED. Welcome everyone! 
  3. And finally - because this episode is being recorded in front of a fabulous live audience at Leaf in Manchester.

We have two panels for the price of one!

Panel two starts at 19m 50s

Panel One Host:

Rebecca Rae-Evans

Panel One Guests:

Harry Bailey

Sam Milsom

Simon Owen

Panel Two Host:

Hera Hussain

Panel Two Guests:

Sacha Wynne

Dr. Rachael Ainsworth

John Carney

Thanks to podcast.co for helping us out with podcast stuff and Evolution for sponsoring this event. 

If you liked what you heard, please drop us a friendly review on iTunes. Our Mums would love it.

If you want to talk to us or send complaints, which is clearly more likely, our twitter is @techforgoodlive

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