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Driven to apathy

  • S21E6
  • 31:58
  • March 10th 2024

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Tech For Good Live podcast! 

The world is on fire, so of course we’re spending our time talking about tech for good. That’s fine. We’re all making good choices here.

This week's show is what they call “a real humdinger”.  We’re going to be talking about “Introspective Inner Development Goals”. Not sure what that means, but they’re all pretty powerful players on a Scrabble board. 

The US Supreme Court, also tentatively titled “Rent-a-Fascist Inc.” have passed another judgement and in other news, Japan has launched a wooden satellite. That sounds fun.

Host Bex is joined by Tech For Good Live team members Greg Ashton and Paul Jakubowski. 

Our special guest joining us this week to talk about the news is Georgia Iacovou, a freelance tech policy writer and creator of the excellent Horrific/Terrific newsletter

Georgia will be with us again on the next episode, where we will be talking about being a content writer in the data ethics and civic tech spaces, working in the content moderation space, and how social media is effed right now.

Discussed in this episode:

Good story of the week

Could the introspective Inner Development Goals help to break down the barriers for the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Can the Inner Development Goals help us create a more sustainable future? - Positive.News 

Bad news story of the week

It's unclear whether this is bad news yet but the US Supreme Court heard arguments on whether laws on Texas and Florida could come into force. These would allow the states to force social media companies to not take down certain content:

Justices sceptical of Tex., Fla. laws that bar platforms from deleting content  - Washington Post

And finally

Japan to launch world’s first wooden satellite to combat space pollution - The Guardian  


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