Ep 22 - Hedgehogs on our radar
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Ep 22 - Hedgehogs on our radar
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Greg was away for this episode - so there was much chaos. Thankfully, Harry Bailey (@harrybailey) stepped in.

We also had a guest - the wonderful Simon Collison (@colly).

In this episode:Bex hurt Jonny’s feelings - because he’s not as good as Greg.

Simon knows a LOT about hedgehogs.

A disturbing amount of charities do not have a digital strategy. Trump might use Deepfakes for nefarious reasons (shock). The gang flawlessly plan Simon’s murder, and Ben thinks that the entire podcast is FAKE NEWS.

Simon has the answer to all of this - Keep Quincy Jones alive.
Yeah, it got weird.

Our next podcast will be at UX Copenhagen. Follow along at #TfGLonTour


Things in this episode:

58% of charities do not have a digtial strategy


Major movement to reclaim social media “for good”:


Apparent shock at YouTube being sh*theads:


Former Facebook and Google employees aim to combat tech addiction:


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