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Jumping the Digital Shark

  • S16E2
  • 51:21
  • July 11th 2022

Welcome to yet another episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast. It’s a podcast all about using technology to have a positive social impact. Most of the time though we’re just whining about Amazon being the absolute worst.

In this episode we are talking about digital poverty and the massive impact it has on society.

An open letter has been sent to the Charity Commission and is calling on the regulator to act now to close the gap on diversity data at the senior management and board level in the sector. We explore that a little bit.

AND… After the supreme court in the US stripped women of their basic human rights by overturning Roe Vs Wade, tech companies are trying to respond. An update by Google will automatically flag and delete any visits to abortion clinics from a user’s location history. 

Joining host Bex are TFGL team members Fay Schofield and Tom Passmore

Our special guest for this episode is Rebs Curtis-Moss. Rebs is an Interim Social Media Manager at Shelter.

Shelters Renters' Reform Bill campaign

Stat of the week 

Around 1.7 million households are offline and one in five children who had been homeschooling in 2021 did not have access to an appropriate device. 

UK Digital Poverty Evidence Review 2022 

Charity news of the week


Diversity data desperately needed, sector urges Charity Commission - UK Fundraising

Tech news of the week

Google will automatically delete visits to abortion clinics from your location history - Mashable 

And finally

This guy LOVES fruit!

Video Of A "Passionate" Fruit Seller Goes Viral, Internet in Splits - NDTV


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