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Live from Camp Digital 2019 - Episode 1 - Gavin Neate

  • 34:29
  • June 20th 2019

We're back at Camp Digital and here is the first of three episodes recorded live in Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre.

In this episode we are joined for a chat by the fireside by Gavin Neate, founder of Neatebox.

After serving with The RAF in the Military Police, Gavin began an 18-year career with Guide Dogs for the Blind as a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. His comprehensive knowledge of visual impairment and routine experience of poorly installed pedestrian crossings led him to design a unique system, with which any person living with reduced mobility, could safely and automatically operate a pedestrian crossing using their smartphone.

The ‘Button’ system has been winning innovation awards and is now installed in the entire town of Largs and increasingly available across the UK.

This success has led to a range of smart solutions based on the challenges disabled people face every day and the latest release, “Welcome”, has provided a smart platform which connects disabled shoppers to customer services teams providing the service team with training and awareness immediately prior to their customer's arrival.

Gavin has a real love for equality and inclusion and believes firmly that a positive approach and a clear understanding of all parties' points of view is the foundation for the very best solutions.

Here, he talks to us about what experience really means, in terms of professional progression and his experience of being a social tech entrepreneur.

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