Live from UX Copenhagen - Episode 1 - Accessibility
Tech for Good Live
Live from UX Copenhagen - Episode 1 - Accessibility
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The first in a special edition series  of Tech for Good Live podcasts, recorded from UX Copenhagen. (@uxcopenhagen)

It’s a two day conference on ethical design and we’re here, bringing you three podcasts looking across a range of topics. Accessibility, dark patterns and design ethics.

In this podcast, we talk accessibility and inclusive design. We talk about the best and the worst in the sector and the latest developments.


With regulars:

Rebecca (Bex) Rae-Evans - looking after digital ethics at The Federation (@Rebeccawho)

Jonny Rae-Evans - Head of Product Innovation at the Big Lottery Fund (@jonnyraeevans)


And with special guests:

Eriol Fox - from Ushahidi, open sources crowd mapping platform for human rights activists and crisis response. Founded in Kenya in response to violence around the elections - to raise marginalised voices. (@EriolDoesDesign / @ushahidi)


Molly Watt -  is a prolific advocate of inclusive technology. She specializes in assistive technology and design for those with sensory impairment (@MollyWattTalks)

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