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Making Friends With… Tash Willcocks

  • 46:30
  • May 4th 2019

Welcome to another rousing episode of Making Friends with…

This time, host Jonny Rae-Evans is joined by Mills Vardheim of the Tech for Good Live team.

So what is this. Basically - we have no friends. We’re broken, lonely people - just stumbling around in the dark. So why not shamefully use our platform to make some new friends. Best friends. Amiright?

In this Making Friends with... episode we have none other than the amazing Tash Willcocks.

Tash has over 20 years of experience shaping future changemakers in the creative industry. She was previously programme leader of the BA and MA Graphic Design course at Salford University, and now facilitates the learning of worldwide postgraduate students that join the MA Digital Management and MA Digital Experience Design programmes at Hyper Island as Head of Masters in Europe.

We talk about how she got into the industry, her role in educating the next generation, the role of ethics in education and the famous designer ego.

We hope you enjoy the episode. Please drop us a review on iTunes, and if you’d like to hear more interviews and conversations like this, let us know who you’d recommend we interview. Send thoughts, suggestions and feedback on Twitter @techforgoodlive.

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