Tech for Good Ep 4 - Digital Brutalism
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Tech for Good Ep 4 - Digital Brutalism
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There's a bit of a bumpy start this month, were the team seem to have forgotten they're recording a podcast, but they do eventually discuss the refugee crisis, some great uses of VR and where they think it's going. There's the always popular 'rant of the month' looking at why 'future proof' isn't what you think it is. Plus they make a start on the eternal question - just what is tech for good? Spoiler, they don't answer it this month.Things we mentioned:https://yougov.co.uk/find-solutions/whitepapers/appetite-donation/ http://www.lifeanimateddoc.com/ Get in touch:Twitter: @techforgoodMCRInstagram: techforgoodmcrSnapchat: techforgoodEmail: [email protected]

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