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Tech for Good Live

Tech For Good Live From UX Copenhagen 2019 - Episode 3

  • 27:28
  • April 4th 2019

Hello listeners. We've been back to UX Copenhagen! This year’s topic was consent and privacy. We were there for both days of the conference and we're bringing you three special editions of the Tech for Good Live podcast with a whole host of fantastic guests.

On the third and final episode, joining podcast regular Ben White, Managing Director at digital agency Reason Digital and host Rebecca Rae-Evans, consultant at the design agency Sigma, is Saskia Videler.

Saskia is an independent content strategy consultant, a content designer, UX writer, lecturer, public speaker, workshop host AND she produces and hosts the podcast series “Efficiently Effective”. Saskia Videler is based in Belgium. She works for large organisations in retail, telecom, and government, as well as for smaller NGO’s and companies.

Special thanks to Helle Martens (@snetramelleh) and the UX Copenhagen team for having us back!

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