Tech For Good Live Podcast Ep 15 - A rose is just an adventure dancing
Tech for Good Live
Tech For Good Live Podcast Ep 15 - A rose is just an adventure dancing
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Laying waste to the team with his acerbic wit this month is Fritz von Runte, self-confessed friend and lover to music, UX specialist and designer. Fritz has made a name for himself as a vocal, and amusing member of the tech community in Manchester and is an advocate of ‘tech for good’.

On the podcast, an analysis of stating the obvious over 205 pages and why Facebook sucks at creating shareable content for important causes.

The week after the launch of the Fundraising Preference Service the team wonder will it work and why isn’t it a Marketing Preference Service?

And Greg finally gets to rant about Amazon and their latest edition to the Echo range, Echo Look.

If you’d like to get in touch with Fritz (though we’re not sure he wants that):

Twitter: @vonrunte

Our podcast title this month was kindly provided by the wonderful InspiroBot - inspirobot.me/

Things this episode:sofii.org/images/Articles/The-…-PROJECT-SUMMARY.pdf www.womensaid.org.uk/keeping-women-safe-online/ public.fundraisingpreference.org.uk/ www.crowdjustice.com/ www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/07…ment-play-this-gamekotaku.com/fake-news-video-gam…too-real-1793660926 www.amazon.com/Echo-Hands-Free-C…ant/dp/B0186JAEWK

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