Tech for Good Podcast Ep 7 - In the name of Mike Pence artwork
Tech for Good Live

Tech for Good Podcast Ep 7 - In the name of Mike Pence

  • 1:11:05
  • December 8th 2016

This month the team are joined by the fantastically patient @frontendphil, here to impart his hard earned front end knowledge and managing to stay positive amid the somewhat chaotic recording techniques. It’s impossible to get away from the beast that is the US election and Tech for Good Live is no exception, with Trump as the hot topic of the month. They explore some of the better things to come out of his election, the ongoing story of fake news and the changes that are coming that could do away with it.Bex has handed the reins of the rant of the month to Ben ‘Feedback’ White and like the cork in a bottle of discount fizz he goes at it with explosive fervour. The topic, one close to his heart, is the question of apps, do we need them? Why does everyone want them?To learn more about Phil: in touch:Twitter: @techforgoodliveInstagram: techforgoodliveSnapchat: techforgoodEmail: [email protected]

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