TFGL and the Circular Economy - Episode 3
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TFGL and the Circular Economy - Episode 3
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This podcast is a three part series about the Circular Economy we worked on with our friends at Dsposal. It’s part of The Disruptive Innovation Festival 2018. Is The Circular Economy a model that can save us from planetary crisis or just a nice idea that will never work?

In this episode we consider Space Age thinking. Which is great - because we love space. We hear that a Blade-Runner-esq future might be on the horizon - and that might not be too bad. Also, and more importantly, we explore the unintended consequences of the Circular Economy.


This podcast wouldn’t exist without Tom Passmore and Sophie Walker from Dsposal. Music has been graciously provided by George Fell. Podcast.co make all of this possible thanks to the shiny podcast studio they provide. Thanks to the Disruptive Innovation Festival. I’ve been, and will continue to be, Rebecca Rae-Evans. Thanks also to Paul Jakubowski and Jonny Rae-Evans from the Tech for Good Live team.


You can find a full transcript of this episode on techforgood.live

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