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TFGL and the Circular Economy - Season 2 - Episode 1

  • 58:49
  • November 29th 2019

TFGL and the Circular Economy is back, in collaboration with our friends at Dsposal. .

In this first episode in Season Two, we have a look at the wing of the Circular Economy we missed in Season One, the bio-cycle, and we start digging into economics – both circular and linear - and ask questions like...

“Who is the Circular Economy for?”

“Will it stop the climate emergency?”

“Will it make the rich richer?


Huge thanks to all this season's contributors:

Gaëlle Guillaume

Iain Gulland

Ken Webster

Marc Zornes

James Close

Andy Doran


This podcast wouldn’t exist without Tom Passmore and Sophie Walker from Dsposal.

Hosted by Rebecca Rae-Evans

Produced by Paul Jakubowski and Jonny Rae-Evans and Rebecca Rae-Evans.

Music has been graciously provided by George Fell. make all of this possible thanks to the shiny podcast studio they provide.

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