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TFGL and the Circular Economy - Season 2 - Episode 2

  • 1:03:38
  • December 6th 2019

TFGL and the Circular Economy is back, in collaboration with our friends at Dsposal. .

In this second episode of Series Two, we talk to people who make beautiful cars and the people who recycle the metal in the cars.

And Tom's mind is blown, multiple times!


Huge thanks to all this season's contributors:

Gaëlle Guillaume

Iain Gulland

Ken Webster

Marc Zornes

James Close

Andy Doran


This podcast wouldn’t exist without Tom Passmore and Sophie Walker from Dsposal.

Hosted by Rebecca Rae-Evans

Produced by Paul Jakubowski and Jonny Rae-Evans and Rebecca Rae-Evans.

Music has been graciously provided by George Fell. make all of this possible thanks to the shiny podcast studio they provide.

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