TFGL Weekly - Black Panther: From digital novice to digital native
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TFGL Weekly - Black Panther: From digital novice to digital native
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This shambles of a pod goes extra shambolic this week as mum and dad leave the kids in charge. That’s right, Bex and Jonny are away leaving Greg to stumble his way through presenting this pod but it’s not all bad, you finally get the pleasure of hearing more from Producer Paul and Mille Vardheim, who has more than just her knowledge of bins to share.

Expect the gang to dispel the ‘digital native’ myth, agree wholeheartedly that online campaigns have got out of hand and incredibly briefly touch on drones for medical supplies. It’s once again Ben’s turn to have a rant and lucky for you he has one prepared on HiPPO stereotypes before rambling into a description of the next Black Panther, a touching tale of a king trying to guide his country through a digital transformation project.


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