TFGL Weekly - Bringing it back to WAP
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TFGL Weekly - Bringing it back to WAP
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It’s a pod of ups and downs this week, so hang onto your hats as the team drag you through the spectrum from sensible and productive innovations to the disappointing and potentially harmful.

High points include using idle phones on charge for developing cancer treatments (hey Vodaphone, we have some ideas on that) and the brilliant CAST have been developing design principles for charities.

The low is, of course, the rant of the week and the topic of claiming you can build an app, for a charity, in just 3 days.

Spoiler, the team don’t think it can be done.

But they are open to being surprised so listen out for their challenge to test this app, wouldn’t it be fun if they had to eat their words.

Things we mentioned:






Special thanks to @geekytom for the theme tune

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